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After creating your EC2 instance and connecting using PuTTY, this tutorials shows steps on how to run docker and setup
When you create a new EC2 instance and created new keys, the keys are on the pem key format. This
This tutorial shows a step-by-step guide on how to launch an Amazon EC2 instance. We will launch a t2.micro instance
Docker is the most popular container technology. It is designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications
You may find Ad-hoc mode (from Part II) easy to use on day-to-day tasks such as for quick systems checks
The Ansible cases we tested so far from Part I and Part II are what we call ad-hoc mode. If
On the first part of this series, you learned how to setup and configure Ansible. Part II explains how Ansible
This is the part one of the four part series on the basics of how to use Ansible. There will
Postfix can be used to send mails to an external SMTP relay which is helpful if you want to setup
This tutorial creates a Raspberry Pi, a low cost single board computer, which can be used as a thin client