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Recover disk usage after deleting large file in Linux
Disks getting full on Linux is a common scenario any administrator have probably experienced. There are usually some large files
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Changing Kernel Parameters on HP-UX
If you are installing an application on HP-UX (usually Database programs) and it requires specific kernel parameters, you can make
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HP-UX LVM change VG Max Size
In HP-UX if you need to adjust an existing LVM Volume Group Max Size to accommodate a new physical disk,
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Installing OS to Raspberry Pi using Windows
This tutorial will walk through installation of OS for the the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi will not start without
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Setup VNC for remote access on Raspberry Pi
Most of the time, I’m using SSH to connect remotely with the Raspberry Pi. If you are more accustomed to
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Configuring Elastic Load Balancer on Amazon EC2
Load balancers are used to distribute the requests/queries to multiple server instances. Most web infrastructures have multiple front-end servers that
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Cloning you Instances on Amazon EC2
Multiple front-end web server setups are almost always in use these days. Instead of just one server serving web traffic,
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Adding new disk on Amazon EC2 instance Centos/RHEL 6
Amazon VPS instances, by default only have a single disk for the whole filesystem of the server. Unless you chose to
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Unison – file/folder sync for Centos/RHEL 6
Unison is a file-synchronization tool similar to rsync. The main difference is that unison tracks changes on both directions so
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Install Gitblit Go on CentOS/RHEL 6/7
If you are a programmer or work with programmers, managing code repositories is one the task you’ll likely to encounter.
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