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Important MySQL commands
The following tutorials are example of the essential MySQL commands and techniques needed by system administrators. Although there are people/departments
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Additional MySQL Commands
When you forgot the password to your MySQL server, you can reset it using the following steps. This will require
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Create a swap file in Linux
Some VPS on hosting providers like Amazon Web Services do not have swap by default. Or if your server was
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SFTP Server with chroot Setup CentOS 6 / RHEL 6
SFTP provides a secure way for providing FTP access to clients. It comes built-in with the openssh-server package. Creating SFTP
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DNS Server Setup for Centos 6 / RHEL 6
DNS stands for Domain Name System, or Domain Name Server. DNS resolves an IP address to a hostname or vice
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Setup NFS share in Linux
Network File System (NFS) is the standard protocol used for sharing files/folder between Linux/Unix systems. This is helpful on production
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Installing Transmission Daemon on CentOS 6 / RHEL 7
Transmission is a popular torrent client on modern Linux systems. It has both a GUI for desktop and a daemon
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Manage Drives and Disk Partitions using fdisk
One of the common administrative tasks under UNIX/Linux is to add a new disk to the system to increase its
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Logical Volume Management (LVM) Tutorial
What is LVM? Logical Volume Management or LVM allow the server to utilize multiple hard drives and combine them to
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Setup Apache with Virtual Hosts on RHEL
The Apache HTTP server is a software that runs in the background (daemon), which primary role is to server web
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