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Replacing rc.local in systemd Linux systems
Missing rc.local for adding commands to run on startup? Here’s how to set up similar functionality with today’s systemd. The
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Using lsof to Recover Deleted Files
If an open file is deleted accidentally, it is possible to use lsof to recreate a copy of the file; provided this
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Create test Apache site with Docker
After creating your EC2 instance and connecting using PuTTY, this tutorials shows steps on how to run docker and setup
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Connect to Linux EC2 instance using PuTTY
When you create a new EC2 instance and created new keys, the keys are on the pem key format. This
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How to Launch an AWS EC2 instance
This tutorial shows a step-by-step guide on how to launch an Amazon EC2 instance. We will launch a t2.micro instance
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Essential Docker commands
Docker is the most popular container technology. It is designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications
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Ansible Part IV: Roles Overview
You may find Ad-hoc mode (from Part II) easy to use on day-to-day tasks such as for quick systems checks
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Ansible Part III: Using Playbooks
The Ansible cases we tested so far from Part I and Part II are what we call ad-hoc mode. If
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Ansible Part II: Using Modules
On the first part of this series, you learned how to setup and configure Ansible. Part II explains how Ansible
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Ansible Part I: Installation and Setup
This is the part one of the four part series on the basics of how to use Ansible. There will
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