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Have you ever wondered what all the folders on the root (/) directory of the Linux filesystem are for? Which
The diff command outputs the differences between two files, line by line. For files that are identical it produces no
A server being compromised or hacked for the purpose of this guide is an unauthorized person or bot logging into
Grep is a very important & powerful Linux commands. It stands for ‘Global Regular Expression Print’ & is used for
I call these tips and tricks - "bash kung-fu". You can save a lot of typing with these handy bash
A list for protecting yourself and others from the most common and easiest-to-pull-off security crimes. This article does not attempt
You probably have heard and tried using speedtest.net to test you computer or smartphone internet speed. If you have your
Every Linux process has a process ID (PID) assigned to it.  It is a unique identification number that is automatically assigned
Do you ever wonder how many thousands of packages are installed on your Linux system? Even a fairly modest Linux system is
This tutorial will walk through the troubleshooting and recovery of a failed disk on a Software RAID setup. Especially mirroring