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Load balancers are used to distribute the requests/queries to multiple server instances. Most web infrastructures have multiple front-end servers that
Multiple front-end web server setups are almost always in use these days. Instead of just one server serving web traffic,
Amazon VPS instances, by default only have a single disk for the whole filesystem of the server. Unless you chose to
Unison is a file-synchronization tool similar to rsync. The main difference is that unison tracks changes on both directions so
If you are a programmer or work with programmers, managing code repositories is one the task you'll likely to encounter.
The SAMBA protocol allow Linux hosts to create/mount windows compatible network shared folders. Samba shares are preferred when the LAN
Iptables is an extremely flexible command-line firewall utility built for Linux operating systems. It uses policy chains to allow or
The standard Linux directory structure mostly follows the POSIX Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. One of the system folders most commonly edited
The following tutorials are example of the essential MySQL commands and techniques needed by system administrators. Although there are people/departments
When you forgot the password to your MySQL server, you can reset it using the following steps. This will require